Build incident response strategies and plans to prepare for a breach

Train, Understand and Master!

Defending business networks from the dangers of cyber attacks can seem daunting at times, but that doesn’t mean we can just give up.

Security incidents are inevitable, but the way you respond is essential to long-term business success. Successful cybersecurity is all about having the right perspective.  

I personally like to think of the Internet as a parallel universe, a cyber-world as opposed to the real-world. In cyber-world people do much the same thing as in the real-world, such as chat, work, or go shopping. And, as in the real-world, there are dangers. In the real-world, we spend years as children learning about the world and all its dangers before we can safely go out on our own. This is not the case in cyber-world. People wander into cyber-world as cyber-toddlers or even cyber-infants. How can these people be expected to look after themselves in this strange new world? ... I believe that education must be the first step to computer security. Cyber-world is too complex and dangerous to jump into without understanding the dangers.